The Ag Minute: Agriculture Community Must Be Alert – Now More than Ever

Tamara Hinton (202) 225-0184

WASHINGTON – This week during The Ag Minute, Ranking Member Frank Lucas highlights the need for the agriculture community to be fully engaged in the political process and stay alert on the issue of cap and trade.

Click here to listen to The Ag Minute. The transcript is below.

"Last week, Bob Stallman, the president of the American Farm Bureau Federation – the largest U.S. farm group – presented a timely message to its 6-million members.

"That is – those of us in agriculture must be fully engaged in the political process and must aggressively respond to quote 'extremists' and 'misguided activist-driven regulation.'

"Stallman is right.

"The agriculture industry, as we know it, will not survive under the heavy burdens of a cap and tax policy where higher production costs are a certainty.

"And, the Obama administration has made it clear that protecting American agriculture is not a priority by pushing for Congress to pass cap and trade legislation, or else face heavy-handed regulation from the EPA. EPA's decision to move forward with regulating greenhouse gases does not make cap and trade a more attractive solution.

"Instead, this administration and this Congress should be focused on exploring all economic and energy options that encourage innovation and stimulate economic growth, rather than continuing on the misguided course that this administration is following."

The Ag Minute is Ranking Member Lucas' weekly radio address that is released each Tuesday from the House Agriculture Committee Republicans.