The Ag Minute: Key Job-Boosting Measures Need Action By President Obama & Senator Reid

Tamara Hinton, 202.225.0184

WASHINGTON – This week during The Ag Minute, guest host Rep. Scott DesJarlais highlights opportunities for Congress and the White House to work together on measures for job creation. To date, two House-passed jobs bills have not been considered by the Democratic-led Senate nor has the President sent the three free trade agreements to Congress for a vote. Rep. DesJarlais urges President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to work with House Republicans and act on these key job-creating measures.

Click here to listen to The Ag Minute. The transcript is below.

"Given the reality that the unemployment rate remains above 9 percent and August saw zero job growth throughout the country, President Obama is slated to unveil a so-called 'jobs plan' this week. 

"Meanwhile, House Republicans have already been working throughout the year to get Americans back to work.  But we can’t do it alone.  We need both the President and the Democratic-controlled Senate on board in this effort.

"Here are a couple of ways we can kick-start economic growth in our country. 

"For starters, President Obama should send the three pending free trade agreements to Congress for a clean vote straight away.  The House remains ready to pass these agreements, which are worth more than $2.5 billion in new market access for American agricultural exports. 

"Additionally, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should bring the following House-passed bills to the Senate floor for a vote:

"H.R. 872, the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act, is a bipartisan bill that eliminates a costly, double-permitting requirement for the application of pesticides.  Unless the Senate acts, the only measurable result of this requirement will be higher costs for farmers and ranchers, and lost jobs across the country.

"H.R. 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act would protect agricultural producers from EPA overreach.

"House Republicans remain committed to getting our economy back on track.  I urge President Obama and Leader Reid to work with us on these key job-boosting measures." 

The Ag Minute is Chairman Lucas's weekly radio address that is released from the House Agriculture Committee.