Hearings and Testimony

Hearing Witness Opening Statements

This page posts the opening statements of witnesses testifying before the Committee on Agriculture who provide the committee with an electronic copy of their opening statement prior to the hearing.

Comments, questions and answers spoken during the hearing as well as additional information submitted for the record are also later included in the official transcripts found below once the hearing record is finalized.

Hearing Transcripts

The House Committee on Agriculture publishes an official printed hearing record of each of the hearings it holds, commonly referred to as the transcript of the hearing. The printed hearing record contains a verbatim transcript of the event, along with supporting materials that were part of the official hearing record.

Pursuant to clause 2(e) (4) of rule XI of the rules of the House of Representatives, public hearing records of the committee are also published in electronic form. The printed hearing record remains the official version.

Official transcripts take several weeks before they are finalized and posted to this page. Limited copies of printed versions of the hearing are available from the Committee on Agriculture.