— New Address for Committee Web Site

May 6, 1999

Finding agriculture on the Internet now includes finding the U.S. House Agriculture Committee's web site — — more quickly with a shortened Internet address that literally puts agriculture first.

Under the direction of House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest (R-TX), the Committee's content-driven Internet site alerts producers to current policy concerns and presents consumers with insight into agriculture's results.  Daily updates present information on Ag Committee actions in the face of continued USDA delays in delivering disaster relief and funding for farm credit.  Consumers learn about conservation of the land, the farm to market price difference, and competition in the world market.

Each Agriculture Committee hearing from Washington, D.C. is heard through a link on the Committee web site.  In addition, visitors can read submitted witness testimony as the hearing begins, and review official hearing transcripts when they are finalized.  Visitors can also request schedule alerts and news releases delivered directly to their desktop computers by email.

"Each day, farmers and ranchers provide the public with a safe, reliable supply of food and fiber.  We gear this web site to help visitors better understand producers' work and so producers can keep in touch with agricultural policy in Washington," said Chairman Combest.  "Getting the word out for agriculture simply and directly — — is the first part of the message."