Committee Hears from Output Sector Groups

Apr 12, 2000

Washington, DC -- In the most recent hearing of the House Agriculture Committee's review of federal farm policy, a panel of output sector group presidents testified before the Committee today.  Hearings, like today's, are being held throughout  the spring to complement the ten field hearings held around the country during which producers are able to testify.

"I think all of the members at this table know we have a problem in agriculture," House Agriculture Committee Larry Combest said.  "What's more, we all fundamentally believe that it is in the best interest of this nation to maintain and foster a diverse and strong agricultural sector.  And so, the question we want to answer today is, how best do we accomplish that goal?"

To date, the Committee has completed six of ten farm policy field hearings centered around testimony from producers themselves.  Producers may request to testify at these regional field hearings by mailing a letter about their agricultural qualifications to the Chief Clerk of the House Committee on Agriculture, 1301 Longworth Building, Washington, D.C. 20515.  Requests to testify must include the producer's name, address and phone number.  The Official Record will also include farm policy plans if they are received by mail within 30 days after each regional hearing.  Ten copies of the statements for the record should be mailed to the Committee's address in care of the Chief Clerk.

The House Agriculture Committee will convene the next producer field hearing in Sacramento, California on Monday, May 1.  Hearings will then continue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Tuesday, May 2; Boise, Idaho on Friday, May 12; and Peoria, Illinois on Saturday, May 13.

All regional hearings are carried as they occur on the House Agriculture Committee's web site.