House Agriculture Leaders Combest and Stenholm Object to Obstruction:Senate Must Finish Farmers' Economic Assistance Bill On Time

Aug 1, 2001

Joint statement from U.S. House Committee on Agriculture Chairman Larry Combest (R-Texas) with the Committee's Ranking Minority Member Charlie Stenholm (D-Texas):

(August 1, 2001) "The Senate Majority Leader is diverting attention with a fast shell game to quickly switch blame for the Senate not finishing its work on farmer assistance on time. Close of business set for early August has been scheduled since the beginning of the year. Against this well publicized early August deadline, the Senate has had the House- approved bill languishing for over a month now. There has been absolutely nothing keeping the Senate Agriculture Committee from moving on its own package, rather than waiting until the last minute. The Senate's search for an excuse on a past-due bill must mean they fear going home to face the music from constituents."

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