Lucas Responds to the Energy & Commerce Committee Passing Food Safety Measure

Jun 17, 2009

Tamara Hinton (202) 225-0184

WASHINGTON – Ranking Member Frank Lucas issued the following statement in response to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce passing the Food Safety Enhancement Act (H.R. 2749).

“I have been watching the food safety legislative process in that Committee and have been in close contact with representatives of the agriculture and food processing sectors. I remain concerned that the legislation, as drafted, imposes numerous burdens on producers and processors while doing virtually nothing to hold the FDA accountable for ensuring food safety. Of particular concern is the proposal to expand FDA's authority to dictate on-farm practices. I believe the Agriculture Committee has jurisdiction over many of the elements of this legislation and should have a voice in this process. I will work with Chairman Peterson to make sure this happens,” said Ranking Member Frank Lucas.