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Welcome to the House Agriculture Committee.

We hope that this site provides you an easy way to find information and resources on the Committee’s work.

A practical, bipartisan approach guides everything we do on the Committee. We look for workable solutions to keep food safe and affordable, build and maintain quality of life in rural areas, and ensure the competitiveness of American agriculture.

Joining me in leading the Committee are a Vice-Chair and six dynamic, diverse Subcommittee chairs that represent the depth and breadth of our Democratic caucus. 

As Chairman, I am committed to leading the Committee with cooperation, openness and accessibility to all ideas. Our hearings and open mark-ups are a forum to discuss food, farm, commodity and rural policy, and you are encouraged to attend these meetings or watch them live. If you would like to sign up for news updates from the committee, you can do that here.

At House Ag we are focused on growing ideas that work. What we do doesn’t mean anything if we can’t work past ideology to find a consensus, and pass legislation that can be signed into law and adopted in a meaningful way by growers and consumers.

That’s what American farmers, consumers and rural communities expect from us, and that’s what we’re working every day to grow on the Committee.

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