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Spanberger, Scott, Plaskett Welcome Select Committee’s Climate Report

WASHINGTON (June 30, 2020) – Three House Agriculture Subcommittee Chairs issued a statement today in response to introduction of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis’ report, Solving the Climate Crisis: The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy Economy and a Healthy, Resilient, and Just America. Conservation and Forestry Subcommittee Chair Abigail Spanberger of Virginia; Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit Subcommittee Chair David Scott of Georgia; and Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research Subcommittee Chair Stacey E. Plaskett of the U.S. Virgin Islands welcomed the report as an encouraging addition to the climate discussion, and pointed to ongoing climate-related work on the Agriculture Committee.

“It is encouraging to see both the Select Committee and the larger House Democratic Caucus recognize that agriculture and forestry can be a collaborative part of the solution to the climate crisis. These are indeed critical issues, and I look forward to working on them through the Conservation and Forestry Subcommittee,” said Spanberger. “Already in this Congress, we have as a Subcommittee explored important climate issues,including voluntary private land conservation programs within the farm bill, precision agriculture and conservation, soil health, national forests, and more. I look forward to reviewing the report and its recommendations.”

“No one is more affected by climate change than our farmers and rural communities,” added Scott.“We must continue to create energy from renewable sources rather than relying on only fossil fuels. At the intersection of the energy conversation and the climate conversation is the work we do on my subcommittee. The pursuit of plant-based renewable fuels and biobased products help us reduce our carbon footprint, while also supporting the agriculture market that keeps our farmers economically sustainable too. I’m excited to see how we can keep that conversation going in a way that makes sure we’re giving producers of these innovative green energy sources the support they need.”

“Our work on the subcommittee focuses on advancing agriculture research and extension to ensure that farmers and ranchers have the tools they need to best mitigate risks and keep their operations economically profitable. This research has become dire given the climate change-related increase in severe weather disasters like wildfires, droughts, floods, and hurricanes we’ve seen in the last several years,” said Plaskett. “This report supplements previous subcommittee conversations centered on climate resiliency and implementation of the farm bill, and it underscores the need for additional focus and investment for these efforts. We have heard this message directly from farmers and researchers alike, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to advance these causes on behalf of our agriculture sector and rural communities.”
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