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House Ag Chairman Combest Statement:Senate Agriculture Committee votes on farm bill

November 15, 2001 -- "I am pleased the Senate Ag. Committee has taken further action today and hope that this action will move the process forward in producing a much needed farm bill this year. I am concerned, however, that the bill that passed the Committee appears to exceed the agreed upon budget allocation and thus cannot move forward as written. I am also concerned that the process in the Senate has digressed into partisanship, which is both an unproductive and unnecessary turn since the Bush Administration and Senate Republicans support passage of a farm bill this year that addresses the 2002 crop, that is consistent with the budget resolution, and that provides meaningful and needed countercyclical assistance to our Nation's agricultural producers. I am hopeful that the budget problem will be solved and the partisanship will be put aside to allow the Senate to move forward and pass a farm bill so we can proceed to conference and complete a bill this year. The economic vitality of all rural America depends on it."

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