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Chairman David Scott and Stakeholders Applaud House Passage of Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2021

WASHINGTON - House Agriculture Committee Chair David Scott and key industry stakeholders issued the following statements applauding the House passage of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act:

“A stable supply of labor is essential to our U.S. agriculture industry thriving in the face of ongoing competition. I will be a passionate voice for a workable resolution to a problem that for too long has been ignored,” said Chairman Scott.

“I want to thank Chair Lofgren and Rep. Newhouse for their leadership on this bipartisan compromise bill, and I will continue to work with them and our stakeholders as we engage our Senate colleagues to make improvements to this needed legislation.”

Comments from stakeholders included: 

“The Farm Workforce Modernization Act provides a thoughtful and pragmatic solution to agriculture’s labor crisis, and addresses the co-equal goals of securing the existing workforce and ensuring a future flow of workers. We thank the House members who led this effort and call on the Senate to take up this legislation with a similar solutions-oriented intent.” – Dave Puglia, Western Growers President & CEO

“As a dairy farmer, I experience the difficulties of the ag labor issue on my farm every day, and I see the harm the broken system causes across the entire agricultural community. I thank Chairman David Scott for his leadership within agriculture, strongly supporting the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and standing with farmers, our workforces and our communities.” – Adam Graft, DFA farmer from Americus, GA.

“The ag workforce crisis has been plaguing farms in Georgia for decades now, and today brings us one step closer to a solution. We thank Chairman David Scott for cosponsoring the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, continuing his work to support Georgia dairy farms and communities so together we can ensure people have access to healthy, affordable food.” – Scott Glover, Southeast Milk farmer from Clermont, GA

“The Farm Workforce Modernization Act is a mutually beneficial solution that will create a more functional and compassionate farm labor system. For agricultural employers, it will streamline and allow for greater flexibility in the H-2A temporary agricultural worker program, making it simpler to find and hire qualified employees. For workers, it will strengthen protections as well as establish a route to earn legal status through continued agricultural employment. Given its advantages for both parties, we welcome this practical piece of legislation and advise the Senate to quickly follow the House’s lead by taking up the important issue of farm labor reform.” – Rob Larew, President, National Farmers Union
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