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Chairman David Scott Member Day Opening Statement

WASHINGTON- House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott delivered the following statement at today's Member Day hearing:


[As prepared for delivery]

Good morning and thank you to all the Members who have joined us for today’s Member day hearing. Agriculture has a strong foundation in our nation’s history, and the House Agriculture Committee has a proud history of working together to advance legislation needed to ensure we continue to have thriving rural communities and the resources necessary to feed our communities. As many of you know, agriculture is the economic engine of many of our states. 


It’s no secret that farmers, ranchers, and our rural communities across the country are facing serious challenges of all kinds.  We have a wonderful roster here on the Agriculture Committee, but I recognize that there are a wide variety of perspectives and ideas from Members outside of our membership that can be vital to the work we do and I want to ensure that there is always room for that here, especially as we prepare for the next Farm Bill. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from the Members today on the issues impacting their constituents and their suggestions and ideas on how we can work together to address those issues raised.

I now recognize the Ranking Member for any opening comments he’d like to make. 

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