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Chairman David Scott Announces Business Meeting on Broadband Internet Connections for Rural America Act

WASHINGTON (July 12, 2021) – House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott today announced a Full Committee Business Meeting to consider of the Broadband Internet Connections for Rural America Act (HR 4374). The mark-up will be held on Wednesday, July 14th.

“Rural broadband is critical for the growth and development of our rural communities, and it is essential that we act to finally close the digital divide that has kept so many of our rural communities from reaching their full potential, which is why the House Agriculture Committee is leading the charge on this effort,” said Chairman David Scott. “This bill will direct $50 billion toward critically needed infrastructure for rural broadband and also includes resources to ensure that this funding is used in a timely manner and accessible to rural communities with limited resources.”

Chairman David Scott continued, “Students without access to broadband, or those who relied on internet connected devices to work remotely, were severely disadvantaged in their ability to learn and succeed over the last year. Many businesses also relied on their broadband connection to continue operating and stay afloat during the pandemic. We must address this issue so that we are better prepared to compete in the 21st century and so that rural residents can choose to live where they want."

A live stream of the hearing will be available on YouTube.

All additional information on this business meeting can be found here.
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