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Chairman David Scott and Chair Abigail Spanberger Release Statement on USDA’s Announcement Addressing Environmental Challenges to Agricultural Production

WASHINGTON – House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott and Chair Abigail Spanberger issued the following statement in response to the USDA’s Announcement Addressing Environmental Challenges to Agricultural Production

“As companies continue to look to mitigate their carbon footprints, it means continued opportunities for our farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to participate in these voluntary carbon markets and other efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The announcement made by the USDA that it will be looking to invest vital resources to help ag producers take an active role in these markets is an important step that will strengthen our agriculture sector’s ability to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Chairman David Scott.

“I am committed to working alongside Subcommittee Chair Spanberger and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack as we ensure that our ag producers and foresters can do their part to address climate change while also helping their bottom lines.” Chairman David Scott continued.

“Our crop and livestock producers can play a key role in the fight against the climate crisis — and today’s announcement from USDA is another positive step in that direction," said Chair Abigail Spanberger. "As Chair of the Conservation and Forestry Subcommittee, I have heard from witnesses about the terrific work in America’s agriculture and forestry sectors to sequester carbon, promote soil health, and — ultimately — provide a more resilient and adaptive food supply for our nation and the world. I am committed to working with Secretary Vilsack and his team at USDA as they work on these programs, and I will undoubtedly seek updates on their progress as we fulfill out oversight duties in Congress.”

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