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Chairman David Scott Opening Statement at Hearing “to Review the State of the Livestock Industry”

WASHINGTON House Agriculture Chairman David Scott of Georgia delivered the following statement at today's hearing “to Review the State of the Livestock Industry”.

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Today, we will discuss the very important issues facing the livestock sector. Animal agriculture is an engine of our food system, the U.S. economy, and our international trade. As agricultural policy makers, it is our job to examine the conditions that enable this industry to succeed and to address any barriers to its success as well.

Recently, the livestock industry has faced significant challenges and heightened concerns about fairness and transparency in the marketplace. In fact, the previous Chairman and Ranking Member of this Committee requested a report on issues and trends in cattle markets. Earlier this week, Texas A&M University published this report: “The U.S. Beef Supply Chain: Issues and Challenges” and it has proven very timely. Without objection, on behalf of Ranking Member Thompson and myself, I'd like to submit this report for the hearing record.

I think we can all agree that our farmers and ranchers should have access to free and fair markets. That is why the leaders of this Committee have been working in a bipartisan way toward reaching an agreement on a long-term extension of Livestock Mandatory Reporting (LMR). That is also why I introduced H.R. 5290 to extend LMR’s authorization for one year.

This legislation continues USDA’s mandatory price reporting program, which provides vital price discovery and market information. I expect that we will hear views on how this program is working from our witnesses.

I also look forward to hearing our witnesses’ views on critical issues such as competitiveness, supply chain resilience, labor, animal health, and the USDA’s implementation of the COVID-19 relief and rebuilding assistance authorized by Congress. 

We have convened a distinguished group of witnesses who can not only provide diverse perspectives on the issues confronting our farmers and ranchers, but also present views on how we can move forward. My hope for today’s hearing is that by listening to voices from across the industry, we will be able to find common ground on policies that will enhance the state of the livestock sector.

I am pleased to have before us Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa. I am also delighted to welcome Secretary Vilsack back to the Committee and to hear an update from him on all of the work the U.S. Department of Agriculture is doing for our livestock industry. Last but not least, our industry panel contains some of the most knowledgeable voices in livestock, and I welcome them as well.

I recognize that among our witnesses, and even the members of this committee, we have diverse and sometimes differing views on what it will take to strengthen this industry and better position it for the future. I implore my friends and colleagues to listen with an open mind and remember that, while we may take different approaches, our shared motivation is the betterment of American agriculture.


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