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Chairman David Scott Statement on Biofuels Announcements

Chairman David Scott Statement on Biofuels Announcements

WASHINGTON (December 7, 2021) – House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott issued the following statement on today's biofuels announcements; the USDA’s roll out of $800 million for the biofuels industry and the EPA’s announcement of Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

“I applaud the Biden Administration on today’s biofuels announcements,” said Chairman David Scott. “Today’s announced investment by the USDA will not only provide relief for our biofuel producers who faced economic hardships as a result of the pandemic but continue to build up our biofuel infrastructure in a significant way.”

“In addition, the EPA’s decision to deny waivers and a return to higher gasoline usage post-pandemic will support higher volumes into the future,” 
Chairman David Scott continued.

“Together, these announcements will help get the RFS  back on track and our biofuels industry in a better position to play a role in our transportation fuel sector,” Chairman David Scott added.

In addition to the $700 million allocated to relief for biofuels producers provided under pandemic response legislation, USDA is also investing $100 million in CCC funds for biofuels infrastructure. 

The EPA will also address uncertainties raised by recent litigation on small refinery exemptions by denying all 65 pending applications and issuing a request for information from the public regarding disproportionate economic harm caused by compliance with the RFS.

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