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Chairman David Scott Opening Statement at Hearing “Implications of Electric Vehicle Investments for Agriculture and Rural America”

WASHINGTON - House Agriculture Chairman David Scott of Georgia delivered the following statement at today's hearing “Implications of Electric Vehicle Investments for Agriculture and Rural America”.

[As prepared for delivery]

Good morning, and welcome to a hearing that I have been greatly looking forward to hosting. Today we will discuss the implications on rural communities and agriculture from the ongoing investment and adoption of electric vehicles.

We are witnessing a point of major research, investment, and adoption of electric vehicles across the country and the world, driven in large part in an effort to mitigate the impacts of climate change. As with so many other technological advancements like electrification, broadband, or telephone service, I want to see what can be done to make sure that rural America is not left behind. And to that point, I want to also ensure that the needs of agriculture and rural residents are being considered with these important developments.

As anyone who lives in a rural community knows, gas stations and convenience stores are often a pillar of those communities and are sometimes the only place for miles to get food. With the ongoing investment and transition to electric vehicles, we must know what the long-term impacts to these businesses will be.

I am also hoping to hear about some of the positive developments that could come from more widespread adoption of electric vehicles across rural America. With so many input costs fluctuating for farmers across the country, could electric vehicles provide one more stable cost on their balance sheets? And beyond that, how will this electrification of vehicles translate to tractors and other farm implements? I hope to find out today.

As with so many issues that will impact agriculture and our rural communities, I want to ensure that this Committee has a seat at a table and that the voice of America’s farmers, ranchers, foresters, and rural residents are considered.

With that, I yield to Ranking Member Thompson for any opening remarks he would like to share.

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