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Chairman David Scott and Representative Chellie Pingree Release Statement on COMPETES Act Conference

WASHINGTON House Agriculture Chairman David Scott and Representative Chellie Pingree released the following statement on COMPETES Act Conference:

“I am pleased to be serving on the COMPETES Conference Committee as we work to advocate for the American agriculture industry’s important role in advancing our nation’s global competitiveness and leadership in innovation,” said Chairman David Scott.

“The House Agriculture Committee is proud of our work with the other conferees on provisions that leverage USDA research agencies’ contributions to engineering biology research, strengthen and diversify our STEAM workforce, and bolster resilience in our food and agricultural supply chains.”  

“Chairman Scott and I will be focused on the COMPETES Act’s provisions to keep American farmers competitive in the global market, and I’m honored to have been chosen by Speaker Pelosi to sit on the Conference Committee and support our farmers in this way. I’m eager to get started working with my colleagues to deliver a strong and comprehensive bill to President Biden,” said Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), a longtime organic farmer and member of the House Agriculture Committee. 

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