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House Agriculture Committee Concludes Two-year Review of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: The Past, Present, and Future of SNAP

Washington, D.C. - Today, the House Agriculture Committee held a hearing to evaluate the innovative strategies retailers are utilizing to improve access to nutritious food. Committee members heard from organizations that are working creatively to provide nutritious food to low-income individuals in low-access areas through online platforms and incentive programs.

“Communities across the country have different needs when it comes to food access. Some individuals have access to a grocer on every street corner, while others are miles away from the nearest store. However, consumers nationwide are able to purchase a variety of items online that can be delivered directly to their homes, and I am excited to hear how this technology can be used to provide SNAP recipients the same sort of access to nutritious food. This capability, along with other innovations like mobile markets and nutrition incentive programs, have great potential to increase access to healthy foods and to more effectively meet the needs of SNAP recipients,” said Chairman K. Michael Conaway.

This was the final hearing of the committee’s top-to-bottom review known as the Past, Present, and Future of SNAP. During the hearing, Chairman Conaway announced he will release a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the hearing series in the coming weeks.