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Conaway Applauds President Trump For Continuing to Defend Farmers & Ranchers Against Unjustified Chinese Tariffs

Washington, D.C. - House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member K. Michael Conaway (TX-11) issued the following statement concerning the announcement made by USDA on aid to help farmers and ranchers weather unjustified retaliatory foreign tariffs imposed by China:

“For too long, China has been a bully on the world stage, using predatory trade practices – including high and rising subsidies, tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers – all at the expense of American farmers and ranchers. Fortunately, we finally have a president who is speaking out and standing up to China and other foreign countries who refuse to play by the rules.

“The president has held firm in his commitment to defend America’s farmers and ranchers from China and other global trade cheats – understanding the toll these retaliatory tariffs have taken on family farmers and ranchers in an already depressed farm economy and offering a bridge to another year. While President Trump continues to stand with America’s farm and ranch families, Congress must join him in passing one of rural America’s biggest priorities – USMCA. I once again call on Speaker Pelosi to bring USMCA to a successful, bipartisan vote.”