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Republican Leader Thompson Announces Slate of Pro-Innovation Agriculture Bills Addressing Climate Change

Today, Republican Leader of the House Agriculture Committee, Glenn "GT" Thompson (PA-15) announced five pieces of legislation to address climate change through natural solutions.

Mr. Thompson introduced H.R. 2606, the Sponsoring USDA Sustainability Targets in Agriculture to Incentivize Natural Solutions Act, or SUSTAINS Act. The bill encourages private-sector partnerships for agriculture sustainability by allowing businesses to invest in conservation practices in geographic regions of their choice. The bill also would allow the USDA to match these funds.

"Agriculture Republicans are crafting innovative climate solutions by empowering the original stewards of our land—our farmers, ranchers, and foresters. These thoughtful, science-based policies will help promote a stronger agriculture economy by growing climate-friendly innovations that are already being carried out by producers," said Republican Leader Thompson. "We cannot sacrifice a healthy economy for a healthy environment, and vice versa. Natural solutions work, and we know producers are part of the solution, not part of the problem."

"This is an initial slate of ideas to improve the productivity of America’s agricultural sector while reducing our carbon footprint, and we will be rolling out more proposals during the Congress. I look forward to discussions with stakeholders in the private sector, our colleagues in the Biden Administration, and Members on both sides of the aisle in the House and Senate to build on these proposals and move them forward," Thompson said.

Additional proposals include: