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House Agriculture Committee Highlights Specialty Crop Production

Washington, D.C.—Today, the House Agriculture Committee held a hearing to highlight the importance of technology and innovation in specialty crop production as a continuation of the committee’s hearing series preparing for the next farm bill. Chairman K. Michael Conaway (TX-11) and members of the committee heard from stakeholders on the ways to build upon public-private partnerships and innovation to benefit specialty crop producers. Following the hearing, Chairman Conaway made the below remarks:

“Support for specialty crop producers is an essential part of the farm bill. While there are those who overlook the significant investments we’ve made, our witnesses today clearly highlighted the positive impact of these policies. They also emphasized a number of ways that new, innovative technology can be leveraged to benefit producers. As we approach the next farm bill, our goal is to ensure that the policy we craft serves the needs of all our producers, including those in the specialty crop industry.”