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**VIDEO RELEASE** Conaway: Farm Bill Passage 'It's a Big Deal for Rural America'

Washington, D.C. - House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (TX-11) applauds the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill conference report, securing a big win for farmers, ranchers and rural America.

Chairman Conaway's remarks below:

My entire life I’ve never counted chickens before the eggs hatch. To have it all done now and to about to have it signed by the president, could not be more excited or ecstatic about it. It is a big deal for rural America—a really big deal.

There is no piece of federal legislation that affects the psyche of rural America more than the farm bill. For us to pass this and give them five years of assurance as to what that safety nets going to look like, what the Conservation Title is going to do, where they are going to get help on trade and all those things across the board, it is a big deal and a good Christmas present for each and every person in rural America, and that’s who I have been fighting for. It’s a clear statement that from the administration through executive branch to the legislative branch that we support folks in rural America.

You really can’t lay claim to being chairman of House Ag unless you’ve done a farm bill. For me personally, it’s a sense of accomplishment. Getting it done now means that I’m in that proud group of chairmen who’ve gotten a farm bill done on their watch.

You know I have been on the Ag Committee now for 14 years and have come to know and love the people I get to represent. Not only folks in District 11, but across this country. They are some of the hardest working, decent, honest people in America [trying] to make their living trying to feed us, trying to clothe us, trying to make sure rural America continues to prosper.

It’s been a great four years.