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Meet the House Ag Committee's New Republican Members

"I’m coming home to the Ag Committee," said Rep. Lucas. "I’m proud in the 118th Congress that I’ll be returning to the House Agriculture Committee. Since being elected to Congress in 1994, I’ve been a Member of the Agriculture Committee, having had a hand in writing every Farm Bill since 1996 and serving as Chairman of the Committee from 2011 to 2015 crafting the landmark 2014 Farm Bill."

FUN FACT: Congressman Frank Lucas and his wife, Lynda, run a cow-calf and wheat operation in western Oklahoma on farmland that’s been in his family for more than 120 years.

"As a farmer, the opportunity to serve on the House Agriculture Committee is a great privilege," said Rep. Rose. "As Congress looks to pass the Farm Bill and conduct oversight of President Biden's Department of Agriculture, I am hopeful that my experience and perspective as an 8th-generation family farm owner will be beneficial to our nation's farmers, ranchers, foresters, and producers."

FUN FACT: Congressman Rose is the former Tennessee Agriculture Commissioner and owns an 8th-generation family farm, founded in 1790 before Tennessee became a state. Until the 1980s, the farm was a Grade-A Dairy. As a freshman in high school, John was part of the State Winning FFA Dairy Judging team at the Tennessee State Fair, which he later chaired for more than 10 years as an adult.

"My work on the House Agriculture Committee is critical for the continued success of the farmers, ranchers, and producers of Texas’ Thirteenth Congressional District," said Rep. Jackson"I am ready to work diligently with Chairman Thompson and my other colleagues on the Committee to ensure we pass an impactful Farm Bill this year. I am excited to be a champion for Texas’ agriculture priorities and lead the way in providing the resources needed for farmers and ranchers in my district and across the state to continue to feed and clothe the world. We must work to strengthen the farm safety net, bolster our supply chain, and prioritize agriculture as a national security issue to help create a vibrant and productive rural economy."

FUN FACT: Rep. Jackson’s district, Texas-13, is the largest agriculture district in Texas.

"I am proud to serve on the House Committee on Agriculture under the leadership of Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson. This assignment allows me to work on local agricultural priorities and gives Upstate New York a seat at the table as our committee deliberates over the next Farm Bill. I am excited to get to work," said Rep. Molinaro.

FUN FACT: The chicken nugget was invented in the 1950’s by Robert C. Baker, a food science professor at Cornell University in New York’s 19th Congressional District. The chicken nugget energized the poultry industry and remains a staple in American diets, with billions consumed each year.

"I am honored to join the Agricultural Committee. Our farmers and ranchers are the bedrock of South Texas. For years, our community has toiled the land and grown our towns around farming," said Rep. De La Cruz. "I’m proud to be the granddaughter of a Mexican campesino who got his start in America by working watermelon fields. As a member of the Agriculture Committee, I look forward to working to strengthen rural communities and ensure Americans have a safe and abundant food supply."

FUN FACT: Until you’ve tried watermelon with trechas, you haven’t had it the South Texas way.

"I am honored to have been selected by Chairman GT Thompson and my colleagues to serve on the House Agriculture Committee. Western New York and the Southern Tier have a rich agriculture history from small family farms getting passed down from generation to generation to an up-and-coming agritourism destination. However, family farms have struggled as a result of policy changes from people who do not understand the agriculture industry. I will be a tireless fighter to protect their livelihood when the Farm Bill is up for negotiation and deliver results they need to thrive," said Rep. Langworthy.

: The Lake Erie Concord Belt is the oldest and largest Concord grape-growing region in the world.

"I am honored to serve on the House Agriculture committee. I am proud to fight for our farmers and working families," said Rep. Duarte.

FUN FACT: John and his wife, Alexandra, farm almonds and grapes in California.

"Iowa has a big voice when it comes to agriculture, and I couldn’t be more honored to be selected to serve on the House Agriculture Committee," said Rep. Nunn"It’ll be my job to listen to our farmers and producers so I can convey what Iowans want included in the Farm Bill. Along with the Farm Bill, my top priorities will include fighting back against the federal government’s regulatory assault of farm country, addressing record inflation and high input costs, fixing supply chain woes, combatting China and resolving an unfair trade environment. I’m excited to get to work on behalf of our Iowa farm families who feed and fuel the world!"

FUN FACT: Rep. Nunn is a sixth-generation Iowan that comes from a small, family-operated Century Farm growing corn and soybeans. On the farm, Rep. Nunn helped to raise sheep, poultry, and hogs.

"It’s an honor to serve on the House Agriculture Committee and I’ll always be a voice for our farmers and ranchers from Missouri’s 4th Congressional District," said Rep. Alford.

FUN FACT: Rep. Alford’s father served as an agriculture teacher.

"Farming is not a job, it is a way of life and an integral part of our American heritage. I am so proud to have been appointed to the Agriculture Committee so I can directly serve those who serve us," said Rep. Van Orden.

: Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District produces more cranberries than any other congressional district in the nation.

"Farmers and ranchers in Oregon play a key role in putting food on the table for families across the country, and I look forward to being their voice on the Agriculture Committee as we begin considering the 2023 Farm Bill. Additionally, I’ll work to ensure our farmers and ranchers have the support they need when disaster strikes, including for wildfires and drought," said Rep. Chavez-DeRemer.

: Growing up, Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer was a member of 4-H and showed livestock, including sheep.

"Ohio’s 7th Congressional District is home to thousands of farms, including the largest dairy farm in all the state of Ohio," said Rep. Miller"As a member of the House Committee on Agriculture for the 118th Congress, I will help to craft a Farm Bill that will strengthen our agriculture community, advocate for policies that promote our agriculture industry on the world stage, and build thriving communities that will keep our agriculture industry strong for generations to come. I look forward to working collaboratively with Chairman Thompson and my colleagues to advance these and other commonsense policies and solutions the American people deserve."

FUN FACT: Max never misses the opportunity to visit Ohio 7 County Fairs!